Cream Liqueur

Essencia Butterscotch Cream

Essencia Butterscotch Cream

A deliciously sweet, easy drinking cream liqueur enjoy over ice or as a cocktail mixer or just pour over ice cream. A great addition to your favorite dessert Butterscotch Cream Pie recipe.
Butterscotch Cream Liqueur is rich with sweet butterscotch flavour reminding you of old butterscotch candies.

Instructions: Shake well - Add to 220 ml of alcohol or vodka, then add 220ml of water, 250 ml sugar and 500 ml of cream. Mix together well and for best results age for 7-10 days before drinking.
Note: When using dairy base products such as cream the liqueur will need to be refrigerated and has a limited shelf life.

Essencia Cream Liqueur

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