Gladfield Redback Wheat

Gladfield Redback Wheat - Whole

How does it taste?
The flavour in a “malt tea” is fairly mild – lightly bready/toasty with a raisin/dry cranberry type finish to it.

Lightly fruity & bready.

Typical Beer Styles:
Kolsh, Wheat beers and any recipe you may think this malt will fit.

Typical Usage rates:
10-15% if this was the sole specialty malt. No Diastatic power to come with this malt.

Brewing Recipes Ideas:
Hefe with a mix of 50% Pils than 25% Redback wheat and 25% Regular wheat. Or a Kolsh with a mix of 93% German Pils and 7% RedBack Wheat.

27 EBC
Max % of grain bill: