Gladfield Manuka Smoked

Gladfield Manuka Smoked (Whole)

Manuka Smoked Malt

We take our top quality New Zealand malt and smoke it over 100% Manuka wood from the West Coast. This malt has a smooth smoke character that is both floral and sweet.

Perfect for a New Zealand twist to a Rauchbier or to add something unique to most any beer style. Use this malt anywhere between 1 and 100% depending on the level of smoke your beer needs.

EBC 3.4

Moisture: 4.31

Extract Fine Dry: 81.32
Extract Coarse Dry: 79.81

Extract Fine As-is: 77.80
Extract Coarse As-is: 76.36
Sacharification Time: <10
Odour: Normal

Total Nitrogen - Kjeldahl (%): 1.64
Soluble Nitrogen - Kjeldahl (%): 0.65
Kolbach Index: 39.64

pH: 6.08

Diastatic Power (Windisch Kolbach): 185

Free Amino Nitrogen (mg/l): 139.68

Friability: 96.78
Glassy Corns: 0.2
P.U.G: 0.21