Gladfield Distillers Malt

Gladfield Distillers Malt (Whole)

Gladfield Distillers Malt is produced from exclusively 2-row Chronicle barley. Primarily suited to single malt distilling but also able to convert approximately 30% adjunct if required. We choose the barley based on nitrogen content and ripe, plump grains to balance both high extract and high diastatic power. The kilning cycle for distilling malt is gentler than our other base malts to preserve enzyme content. As with all Gladfield malts everything is 100% Canterbury grown and produced on site.

Moisture (%) Max 5
Extract (fine dry) min% 80
Sacharification time 10
Total Nitrogen (%) 1.4-1.7
Kolbach Index 35.0-41.0
pH 5.7-6.0
Diastatic Power (WK) min. 240
FAN (mg/l) min 120
Friability (min) % 85

Max % of grain bill: