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BR Berrylicious

BR Berrylicious

Lucious Boysenberry cider bursting with Nelson summer goodness.

3.3 kg Black Rock Cider
1 kg Black Rock Liquid sugar* Substituted with 1Kg Dextrose
7 g Fermentis SafCider yeast
500 mL Boysenberry concentrate *Not Included.
(Tasman Bay Berries

Clean & Sanitise fermenter and associated equipment for brewing.
Dissolve 3.3 kg of cider concentrate and 1 kg of brewing sugar into 2 Litres of boiling water in a large jug and add to fermenter.
Fill with cold brewing water to 21 litres achieving a starting cider temperature of 20 +/- 3 °C.

Sprinkle the dried yeast onto cider surface and ferment for approximately 12 days until a gravity of approx. 1.010 SG is achieved and has stabilized.

Add 500 mL of boysenberry concentrate and crash cool fermenter to 1-3 °C for 48-72 hours and keg or bottle using standard practices

Alcohol: 6.2%
Colour: 40 SRM

Black Rock
21 Litres