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Black Rock #Mosaic

Black Rock #Mosaic

American Pale Ale - Mosaic hopped to the bitter end.

1 x 1.7 kg Black Rock Light
1 x 1.7 kg Black Rock Wheat
210g Mosaic Hops
11.5 g Fermentis W34/70 yeast

Overview - Unhopped wort concentrate is boiled, whirlpooled, chilled and fermented.
Fill a wort kettle (brew pot) with 20L of quality brewing water and start to heat. Add the 3.4kgs of wort concentrate and bring to boil. Boil 5 minutes.
Whirlpool 100g of Mosaic hops and immersion chill brew to 20 degrees celcius.

Clean and sanitise fermenter and associated equipment
Fill fermenter with chilled wort to give a start temperature of 20 +/-3 degrees celcius.

Sprinkle the dried yeast onto wort surface to start fermentation

Day 5 dry hop 70g of Mosaic into fermenter

When fermentation reaches a final gravity of 1.010-12 SG dry hop remaining 40g Mosaic into brew.

Allow 3 days of dry hop infusion, then crash cool fermenter to 1-3 degrees celcius for 48 hours and keg or bottle using standard practices.

Alcohol: 5.3% ABV
ABV Bitterness: 41 IBU
Colour: 7 SRM

Pilsner and Wheat malts

Black Rock
20 Litres