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43L Mash Tun w/False Bottom

43L Mash Tun w/False Bottom

This mash tun is designed to keep a constant temperature whilst mashing which is important to ensure the best extraction of sugars as possible.
It's suitable for mashing in up to 15Kg of malt, and making batch sizes of up to 35 Litres.

Provided is a ball valve which allows for precise flow control to have the perfect sparge rate.
Attached on the inside is a 9" False Bottom to filter the grains as you drain into your boil kettle. The False bottom sits flat against the bottom of the mash tun, providing less "dead space" at the bottom of the mash tun.

A handy tip to have clearer beer going into the kettle is to Vorlauf; Which is the process of slowly draining off 1-2 Litres of the wort into a container, and recirculating that through the grain (it helps by letting the malt create a more compact bed against the bazooka screen, making it a better filter). Do this 2-4 times, each time you should notice less grain coming through and also a clearer wort.

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